Apple Health Accepted

We are an “in-network” provider with Washington State Insurance(s), also known as Apple Health or HCA. We are obligated as an in-network provider to adhere to and follow their rules and regulations.

We must first verify if your insurance is ACTIVE through the HCA’s online portal.

You must remain ACTIVE during the entire process of having your denture made to remain eligible for services. If your insurance becomes inactive for any reason during the process, please let us know ASAP as that can affect billing, and you may be left liable for the entire bill.

It is our responsibility through client limit inquiry to confirm the client qualifies for a denture(s) and has not previously received a denture(s) paid for by HCA.

If you have previously had any denture(s) paid for by the HCA, then replacement requires preauthorization regardless of whether 3-5 years have elapsed or not.

Dental Records required by WA State HCA for Authorization of Acrylic Partial Dentures

A pre-authorization is required by insurance to determine that you are eligible for Acrylic Partial Denture(s). Insurance requires these documents be submitted at the same time. The records outlined below are required to be current within the last 12 months when submitted. Records over 12 months will not be accepted.

Records to request from your referring Dentist to be sent to Dunivin Denture

The referring dentist must provide all supporting documentation to the servicing dental provider (Dunivin Denture)

  • A current restorative and periodontal treatment plan indicating the client’s treatment needs; within the last 12 months
  • Chart notes indicating the patient has completed a prophylaxis or nonsurgical periodontal service; within the last 12 months
  • Chart notes indicating that all restorative treatment needs have been completed; within the last 12 months (fillings, crowns, extractions, etc.)
  • Radiographs of all remaining teeth; within the last 12 months (Pano, FMX, or bitewings are acceptable)
  • Perio-chart; within the last 12 months

These records can be sent to