What to expect at Dunivin Denture

Getting Started for a Denture or Partial Denture

Step 1: Evaluation/Complimentary Consultation

Fill out patient paperwork, verify insurance, and take a copy of insurance card(s) and photo ID. If you do not have insurance, then photo ID is required. After completing these steps with the front desk, you will enter the exam room and have your 30-minute initial appointment with our Licensed Denturist Cody. We ask our patients to arrive 10 minutes prior to their appointment time to utilize for

Arriving on time to your appointment is crucial. Thus, doing so helps to utilize the entire 30 min appointment with Cody. Being late only puts you at a disadvantage, so please arrive in a timely manner. 10 minutes or more late will result in a reschedule so that we have the adequate time needed to help you. With Cody you will discuss treatment options and be able to ask any questions about the process you may have. Quotes for any of the services we offer can be prepared at this appointment. You will be shown different styles of dentures and/or partial dentures that are available to you. Cody will go over the different upgrades we offer, and if any are recommended for you. After this appointment our goal is that you leave more confident in your choices than when you arrived. This process can be stressful, but we are here to help you through it.

Step 2: Take Impressions

After we have solidified a treatment plan, we will schedule you to come back for impressions (at the earliest convenience). If you’ve had any recent extractions, we wait a minimum of 3 weeks to begin impressions to allow for healing, but we will still schedule you. At the time of impressions is when any decisions need to be made regarding possible upgrades, any payment(s) are also due at this time. After impression, shade, bite, and measurements are taken, we will schedule you 3 weeks out for your INITIAL wax try-in. We schedule 3 weeks between appointments from this step forward to secure your spot on the schedule and ensure that everything is ready for your next appointment. 

Step 3: INITIAL Wax try-in

At this appointment your teeth are set in wax to “try-in”. The initial wax try-in is the first step in gauging what changes need to be made for your second try-in. At this appointment Cody looks at adding or subtracting tooth length, addressing the midline, and addressing the bite of how the teeth come together so they close comfortably and function properly. Minimal input from the patient is required at this appointment, due to the number of changes typically needed.

Step 4: Wax RE-TRY OR Delivery of the appliance

The changes needed have been made from the previous appointment and we are trying the denture in again. This is an important step we take to ensure that we have the best outcome with the appliance. Any changes regarding the appearance of the denture that you or our denturist are unhappy with will be addressed now. If there are more changes to be made, then you will have another wax try-in appointment. This ensures that Cody and you are both satisfied before proceeding to finish. Once a denture is finished, we are limited on the changes we can make. Generally, we go to finish after the second try-in appointment. You will be scheduled 3 weeks out for the delivery of your appliance. If the first “wax try-in” appointment had no changes to be made then we have gone to finish, and your denture is ready.

Step 5: Delivery

Your denture is ready to go home with you. Some adjustments may need to be made at this time. Cody will discuss follow up care and appointments for maintaining your denture moving forward.